It is common for firms to have questions or receive tasks prior to the development of viable solutions. Let us help.  Whether the task at hand requires surveys of security forces to determine operational needs or an investigation of electoral institutions to determine likely impact factors for a particular project, our team specializes in designing rigorous and relevant research in often austere and uncertain environments. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, we provide the appropriate information so that you can make data driven decisions.


Sometimes firms require an independent evaluation of their work to determine whether it is achieving the appropriate outputs and desired outcomes.  These organizations generally seek out partners who work directly with them during the project’s planning stage to ensure the appropriate data is generated for assessments at later stages. Other times, schedules and changing requirements result in implemented projects lacking a developed assessments plan. In either case, let us help. Our team will develop and implement an assessments process that systematizes your ability to measure outputs, report outcomes, and capture lessons learned.


Projects generate massive amounts of data. Often, this data is lost due to a lack of collection protocols or poorly operationalized proxies. For a firm seeking growth and project improvement, this loss can result in disaster as future projects fail to adapt to ever changing business environments and customer demands. Let us help. Our team is highly skilled at operationalizing mission objectives into measures of performance and effectiveness, empowering partners by designing sustainable collection protocols, and finding answers using statistical and pattern analysis.

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