Our Story

Early 2016

In 2016, while working as a program manager in Iraq, Eric Lake was involved in numerous conversations with military leadership on how to assess training effectiveness in the operational environment when one could not observe Iraqi security forces implementing that training in combat. Charged with this task, Eric developed and implemented the CJFLCC-CIED Assessment Program.

Late 2016

By late 2016, the assessments process was providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of counter-IED training in Iraq.  This piqued the interest of senior military leadership interested in exporting the process to missions in Africa.

Early 2017

In early 2017, Eric teamed with Amanda Edgell to develop an assessment program for C-IED training in Kenya. This assessment program was designed to determine increases in survivability and sustainability for Kenyan C-IED forces as well as identifying improvements for future C-IED training missions.

Motivated by the success of the two previous projects, Amanda and Eric formed 417 Research & Analytics in mid-2017.

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